Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Using a Program in High School

I’m writing this in hopes of giving a “frazzled mom of teens” an option other than the local highschool. It is between the parents and God where their children attend school but when I felt called to Homeschool high school and it wasn’t going well, this option turned out to be such a blessing, I wanted to share.

I always love putting together my curriculum for the year. It is so much fun to pick and choose and BUY new books. Over the years I believe I did fairly well! Then, when my oldest entered high school age I began to feel overwhelmed. It wasn’t just highschool. It was many things, personal as well as normal family life with a large number of children. Many friends struggling with the same things put their teens in school, which was fine, but my son didn’t want to go to the local high school and I wanted to teach him.

So for the first time I considered using one of the schools Like St. Thomas Aquinas Academy, Mother of Divine Grace, Seton…thankfully the list grows year by year and I can’t mention them all…but ask around and you will find them on the internet!

At first I was nervous, so much money, paperwork, time and they would see my flaws in teaching! Not to mention, I would be truly accountable to someone…Yuck! But after prayer and talking with my son we decided to sign up with a school. I won’t tell you which one as the school needs to fit the family and my choice may not be a good fit for you!

This has turned out to be such a blessing! We did indeed find some holes in our learning and teaching but now we could fix them! It did cost more and there is more paperwork, but the savings in TIME and STRESS is significant. I don’t have to go looking for books, there is someone else who knows my children and can give suggestions, the “school” I am with allows me the final say in curriculum so I can always use what I feel is best. The paper work is the minimum of what needs to be done yet it is complete. I don’t have to read the prep for college after Homeschool books and wonder if I’m saving the right thing, calling the class the right thing, etc.

Not only that, my son is thrilled. He likes knowing someone else is helping me evaluate his work and that his thoughts and feelings count too!

So if you are feeling a little frazzled and wondering what to do able the high school years or your child is feeling a little wary of your abilities, prayerfully consider the Catholic schools offering to help you. They can be a help!

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