Monday, August 6, 2007

Motivation - What Students Say

I am motivated by a lot of things. I like to learn, and generally find what I am studying to be interesting. I might not use all the same books if I were investigating a topic on my own, but my parents and I plan my course work each year and try to use as few textbooks and as many primary sources as possible. I am interested in what I am studying.

I also know that I won't get to do anything else (outside activities) until my core school work is finished. If I'm finding the topic boring, I work hard to complete my work so that I can move on to the things I like more. If it's interesting, I work hard because I like what I'm studying. I am also motivated by contests and tests because I like to see how I do compared to other kids my age. I usually do well, but when I don't, it gives me something else to work on!

contributed by Lauren, age 15

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