Monday, August 6, 2007


Most of our outside activities begin as things we do or join as a family. five of the seven of us play violin, so we go to lessons as a family, and work on our school work when it is not our turn to be working with the teacher. Music (violin, piano, and now trumpet) is more like another school subject than an "outside activity", and I can't imagine my week without it. Gymnastics started in the same way -- the local gym offered classes in the afternoon for homeschoolers, and all of us went to the gym together. I'm not a gymnast, but I enjoyed the company of other kids, and the opportunity to work on my strength and balance. My younger sister is the only one who has continued these classes. She's less social than I am, and likes to see how far she can push herself in gymnastics. I like team sports better.

Our opportunities in sports have included soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, swimming and tennis. (We live near a small town with a big Park and Recreation Department!) Dad has coached most of us in soccer or baseball when we get to be around first grade, so, again, it's less of an "outside activity" as we go to practices and games with dad. Later we've played on our parish school teams, and most recently, I've joined a high school team run by a large homeschool group. Sports have become a very important part of my life over the years. I'm competitive and enjoy doing my best on the court. I also stay in shape and stay healthy, while I meet other kids my age. I've had great coaches and teachers, and my parents are glad that I have other adults who are good role models in my life.

In high school, adults have helped with my academic work as well. I am part of a Latin co-op and Latin Club that are moderated by other adults. The co-op is again something my whole family participates in, while the Club I attend once a month with friends.

My sister and I are also part of a Schoenstatt Girls Group and our parish Youth Group. These are both important places for me to share my faith with others and to grow in my own knowledge of the Church. I've planned and run a lot of activities in my church, including our first Youth Newsletter, and have counseled for a retreat for younger girls at our Schoenstatt Center. Each of these activities is important to me for different reasons, and they seem to be more a part of my life than something extra I do. I know I am blessed to have several very active homeschool groups in my area that make these opportunities available. Not all my siblings do nearly as many things as I do! I've just been able to find a class or group out there if I want to try something new. As long as I keep up with my schoolwork and my responsibilities at home, my parents are willing to investigate these other activities.

contributed by Lauren, age 15

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