Monday, August 6, 2007

Staying Active as a Family

When our six children were younger we provided physical education for them by signing them up for organized gym classes for homeschoolers such as, the YMCA and our own support group's gym class with a wonderful gym teacher. They really enjoyed that up to a certain age.

Now, with the older ones grown and moved out, we presently have three active boys [10 yrs. old - 16] to keep busy. We provide physical education for them by getting them involved in our local soccer association, both outdoor and indoor, therefore, it is year round. In addition, we have joined a local health club so that the whole family can have a place to go for recreation. The boys have participated in programs at the health club such as a class on speed, agility and strength training. The lap pool is also a great way for them to stay in shape, and our ten year old enjoys doing it with Dad. Open basketball and a smaller gym for younger kids keeps them all active. Our own yard and local parks provide a great atmosphere for active boys also.

Being active as a family is very healthy physically of course, but also in growth and closeness as a family, not to mention it is simply fun!

contributed by Sheila from Wisconsin

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