Monday, August 6, 2007

Focusing on the Basics when Life Gets Complicated

I've homeschooled through a difficult pregnancy in our 2nd year, an illness during our 3rd & 4th year, a death in the family during our 5th year and a learning disability throughout. The one thing that made it possible (besides prayer), was to focus on the basics (reading, writing, math & religion). We didn't ignore science and history completely, but they weren't priorities during the most stressful times. Science was delegated to the summer months and history was learnt by watching the History Channel. This was not the most ideal situation, be it helped us through without being behind.

Another thing I had to do to make homeschooling during these difficult times doable was to cut out all outside activities (except P.E.). It was the bare minimum for a long time, but once things settled down, we slowly added more extra things.

contributed by Joanna from Wisconsin

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