Monday, August 6, 2007

25 Ways to Inspire a Love of Learning in Your Children

1. Go outside and look at the stars together. Learn the names of a few of the constellations.

2. Play with your children – sports, legos, board games, hide-and-seek, etc.

3. Educational DVDs & videos can be a good way to get them interested in a new Science or History topic. (use the “pause” button to stop and chat)

4. Children love “real” things. Let them help you with real jobs and house projects.

5. Play “the stair game” – quiz your children on anything and let them take a step forward with each correct answer.

6. Go to the beach (forest, pond, desert) and draw pictures of what you find.

7. Attend a concert -- community orchestra or band types are especially family friendly!

8. Attend sports matches – especially community ones.

9. Plan ahead for an art museum trip by introducing each child to a beautiful painting they can search for once you arrive.

10. Spend time with other families who love learning.

11. Shoot a game of pool and discuss the geometry you are using.

12. Pop a batch of popcorn and sit down to a good family read aloud.

13. Go on an adventure walk in your own neighborhood. Bring water bottles and magnifying glasses!

14. Have Grandpa or Grandma teach you a new card game.

15. Set up a book club with a couple of friends and their moms or dads.

16. Choose a country and find recipes native to that place. Invite several friends to do the same, and get together for a day of ethnic cooking.

17. Take a class yourself -- community college? online? -- and share what you are learning with your children.

18. Join another family for an afternoon of crafts or board games.

19. Learn to count to ten in a foreign language.

20. Plant a garden. Have a contest to see who can grow the tallest sunflower.

21. Visit museums, zoos and libraries together.

22. Have some special outings with one child at a time.

23. Talk about their studies around the dinner table.

24. Hang maps on your walls.

25. Let your children see that you love learning too.

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