Monday, August 6, 2007

How Have You Homeschooled Through Challenging Circumstances?

So much here depends on how you define "school". I like Catholic Heritage Curricula's motto, "homeschooling for eternity". If that is indeed our goal, then spending time with the ill or grieving, tending to the need of a new baby, etc. will all be part of our curriculum. In such cases, the challenging circumstances provide for growth in virtue and opportunities to practice works of mercy -- all part of the larger curriculum!

Of course there are still academic subjects to be covered. When circumstances get tough, we cut back to the basics, enlist help where possible, and enjoy a lot of read alouds if mom is available (new babies), or books on tape if she's not (dad's away, death or other emergency).

I've stressed out at such times feeling like I wasn't getting to everything, yet each time, the children found new games to play and new creations to build. They picked up new chores willingly, and created closer relationships with siblings. The concentrated efforts we found time for in reading and mathematics provided academic progress as well.

Looking back at every crisis we've faced during our homeschooling, I'm continually reminded that God will provide the graces necessary for us to meet the needs of our children.

Contributed by Mary Z. from Wisconsin

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