Monday, August 6, 2007

Lesson Planning and Scheduling

I plan my school year by cross-referencing what MODG recommends with what Seton reccomends and with what I know my children need to progress in a challenging way.

For our school day I use a modified verison of Managers of Their Homes; i.e. I use a grid with 1/2 hour blocks of time and fill in all the subjects, meals, chores, until a "daily schedule" arrives. I'm also an avid attachment parent, so even though I have a detailed schedule...I really only use it to create the "flow" to my day. Sometimes our day starts at 7 am, sometimes at 9 am--but it always follows the same flow...for e.g. we always have 30 minutes of quiet time after lunch--whether lunch finishes at Noon or 1pm.

Having a checklist of what we need to accomplish each day helps life run more smoothly. A well rested mom pulls rank on any other technique!

contributed by Mary F. from Wisconsin

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