Monday, August 6, 2007

Storage for Extra Books

Clear shallow Rubbermaid tubs (approximately 24x36 inches wide by 8 inches high - I don't have the dimensions handy) make great mini stackable bookshelves to store books in your basement or garage that aren't needed at the present. This is especially good for living books, historical fiction, etc. that you aren't using in the current year or have purchased ahead of time at rummage sales and library booksales. Because the tubs are so wide, they handle the weight of books well (they stack safely up to at least eight) and are very difficult to tip over. You can also place larger books horizontally. If you organize them by subject or category and label the fronts (e.g. Ancient Civilizations, Books from College or Lives of the Saints), then it's really quite easy to find what you want quickly.

contributed by Alicia from Wisconsin

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