Monday, August 6, 2007

Spider Babies

One time my five year old and I saved a jar full of spider egg cases, found in our basement, from fall to summer. Angelyn checked on them intermittently. I almost threw them out a few times but noticed that the jar was always in a different location. I assumed there was enough interest to save the project. Early in summer I was alarmed by a very loud cry from across the house, "I have babies! My baby spiders are here!" We could barely see the tiny moving dust spects. In an effort to care for them we called the nature center that we frequented and the naturalist shared Angelyn's excitement and held a 30 minute, three way phone conference with us. We learned all about spiders form an expert. We placed the egg cases on scrunched up, dark purple tissue paper to make them clearly visible. It helped us to spot and keep track of the babies too.

Contributed by Rose from Wisconsin

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