Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Home-made School Cabinets (some woodworking skills required)

Well, I think I promised pictures months ago of the school cabinets we built for the four oldest this fall. We didn't have them completely done until several weeks into school - they were plain bookshelves the first week, then they we added doors (when we finished decorating them), then we added the plastic drawers and built-in dividers then we added the caster wheels. I really love these cabinets.

Desks never worked for us - my kids actually liked them, but they take up too much floor space, are really ugly and are dangerous because the toddlers love to climb up on them and stand on the desk part.

Anyway, these cabinets help each child have their own space and keep it organized (to some degree at least) and makes them very portable on the main floor of the house. It has really helped keep books, timeline binders, science binders (we're using Mary Daly's materials - but not as much as I'd like so far), etc. neat and organized. By the way, these cabinets were inspired in part by the Learning Styles Quiz we took from Mercy Academy which indicated that a number of our children needed some extra help with keeping their work area organized.

I'm particularly proud of my first decoupage job ever! Can you tell which cabinet belongs to our geography buff? I found the black and white pictures at Target - 4 for 25 cents on the clearance rack! I'm having a lot of trouble with the blogger photo tool (not meant to handle so many photos, I suppose), so I'll put the rest of the pics in a separate post.

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