Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Homeschool Graduation Ceremony

After homeschooling for thirteen years, my daughter is the first homeschool graduate in our family. I wanted to recognize this great accomplishment, and decided to plan our own family graduation. We live in a small town in northern Ontario where Catholic homeschoolers are few and far between, so we knew we were on our own. I talked to my parish priest, and he was glad to let us use the church basement for the event. My daughter and I designed simple invitations, and printed them (on card stock) on our printer. I designed a grade 12 graduation diploma (on the computer), and matted and framed it. I also included some cute graduation accessories that I glued on the mat (easily available at the scrap-booking section at Walmart).

Our church has a regular Thursday night Mass, so we chose a Thursday evening, to fit in with Father's schedule. My daughter will be doing the readings, and my sons and their two homeschooled friends will be the altar servers. Father agreed to let us write the prayers of petition for the Mass. After the Mass, our friends and family will gather for desserts and refreshments. I have asked two friends to make a 'toast' to Kaitlin, and for her father to say a few words. My son, Noah, has been working on a power point presentation for the event, featuring his sister and her accomplishments. It also includes some homeschooling memories over the years.

I wanted a simple tribute to my daughter, but one that also recognized the role that God and the Church has played in our lives. It is also an opportunity for me to thank the people that have been so supportive to my family, and our homeschooling endeavours, over the years.

contributed by Kathie from Ontario, Canada

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